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Direct Accommodation's mission is to offer global hospitality with a twist of Southern charm by delivering superb corporate & leisure travel services to our clients. Our leading industry expertise, frontline technology, and comprehensive understanding of the role of each traveler, brings customized value and simplicity to your traveler experience. Direct Accommodations guarantees each of our clients a highly experienced Travel Specialist to personally manage each of your travel requests. Each of our dedicated Travel Specialist offer over 15 years of qualified experience to ensure a positive and passionate rapport with you and your business traveler.

Do you have additional travel needs that we have not mentioned? We will be happy to discuss any additional needs you may have. We will do our absolute best to accommodate your additional requests. Contact us at 843.442.1760 to discuss additional travel needs you may have. 

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Each of our dedicated Travel Specialists will optimize your travel experience and minimize your travel spending. Whether you are a transient, extended-stay, government, leisure, or corporate traveler, Direct Accommodations will ensure a positive experience that meet all of your travel needs. We will take the guesswork and long hours of research out of your hands by negotiating costs with vendors, processing direct bill applications, reconciling credit card charges, and distinguishing accommodations that compliments your needs for location and amenities. Your unique accommodation requests and preferences, loyalty reward numbers, and contact information will be saved in our database for easy access when qualifying travel accommodations to meet your needs. 

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  • Optimize productivity 
  • Customize value and simplicity
  • Eliminate long hours of research
  • Negotiate costs with vendors
  • Process direct billing
  • Reconcile credit charges
  • Distinguish location and amenities requirements
  • Qualify accommodations to meet your travel needs
  • Ensure your travel budget and restrictions are followed
  • Guarantee that all government travelers follow GSA guidelines and regulations